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Flank Rack shipping Agency Services for Customs Clearance

Flank Rack shipping Agency Services for Customs Clearance

Flank Steak Import and Export Agency Services: Handling the exchange B/L; Collecting and paying on delivery on behalf of customers; Settlement and verification for the foreign exchange; Applying for all kinds of export licenses for customers

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Flank Steak Import Agency Services for Customs Clearance 

Our company provides professional, standardized and efficient import and export agency services for a long time. The main services of the agency include document operation, business follow-up, agency inspection, import and export declaration, import and export logistics, foreign exchange settlement and export tax rebate, charge d'affaires for various import and export licenses, agency receipt and payment and other related import and export trade services.

Import agency services:

Export agency services:

    • Handling the tax refund of suppliers

    • Collecting and paying on delivery on behalf of customers

    • Settlement and verification for the foreign exchange

    • Applying for all kinds of export licenses for customers

    • Settling an account for the export business

    • Handling the exchange B/L, customs declaration and commodity inspection and quarantine

    • Handling the import licenses

    • Acting as agent of import settlement and remittance

    • VAT invoices issuing

    • Providing services of foreign trade documents and customs declaration documents

    • Products classification services: classifying the import products in accordance with relevant regulations of China customs

    • Acting the settlement of fees on behalf of customers and other suppliers (such as packing company, quality inspection company, forwarding company)

    • We provide a full set of import procedures service, including:


Compared with companies in the same industry, our company has the following major advantages.

1. Our company's business personnel are engaged in many years of foreign trade work, experienced, familiar with national policies, can help customers design the best import and export programs and the most professional guidance, saving you export costs.

2. Our company can track foreign exchange in real time, responsible for fund commitment, settlement, tax refund and verification, ensuring efficient and smooth operation of the business.

3. Our company has strong capital and can complete the export tax rebate for the documents.

4. The customer's financial security, profit return, and business information can be effectively guaranteed.

5. Our company has convenient transportation and maintains close cooperative relationship with many first-class freight forwarding and shipping companies. Transportation, customs declaration, document operation, etc. are fast and the price is low.

6. Our company has a good social relationship and can handle all kinds of certificate of origin and various import and export licenses for you, so as to avoid all kinds of inconveniences in your customs declaration, inspection and transportation.



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