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Plan 3-year Increase Of 420,000 TEU Capacity

SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 24, 2016

China Ocean Shipping Group (Coscocs) program in the next 3 years, can greatly improve container shipping.

The State-owned giant said that its intentions before the end of 2018 at least 420,000 TEU capacity.

This means that the Group's fleet capacity from the current 1.58 million TEUs, increasing to more than 2 million TEU.

Such an increase, added 21 new equivalent to at least 20,000 TEUs of oversized wheels. Ship size but that the company did not disclose, or rent a boat.

At present, the China Ocean shipping group size capacity ranks fourth in the world, the top Maersk shipping (Maersk Line) and the Eastern Mediterranean shipping company (MSC) and France CMA CGM shipping (CMA CGM). Even with the new ship, in view of the CMA CGM acquired Neptune Oriental (NOL) to raise the ship as well as the planned new order, the company will remain in fourth place.