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Saudia Cargo Chief Sees E-commerce Revolution Coming To Air Freight

SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

THE air cargo industry has received an opportunity to revolutionise itself within e-commerce and win new investment to expand, says Rainer Muller, executive director of Saudia Cargo.

Speaking to London's Loadstar at Air Cargo India last week, Mr Muller said: "Integrators have shown us how it can be done. Now, the e-commerce industry is showing us again.

"There is one difference. The air cargo industry is more involved in e-commerce development because now we are not just transporting envelopes, but different commodities with different requirements. I see this as something that requires a higher involvement from the industry," Mr Muller said.

One boost for the cargo side of the airline business is the direct impact on consumers, rather than just B2B business. 

Mr Muller said he thought the passenger divisions of combination and belly carriers were getting a closer understanding of logistics which could, in turn, ensure that cargo divisions could ultimately see more investment.

"In every household, you see the parcels come in. But still one of our tasks as an industry is to make everybody understand that a major part is being played by the air cargo industry.

"This is a big chance for all of us to plant an idea in the minds of everyone that those parcels didn't just fall from the sky. We made it happen. IATA has been trying to get this message across - now we all can," Mr Muller said.