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Update The New Freight From China To Middle East/India And Pakistan /Mediterranean Sea/America And

SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2018

We SDI update the new freight from CHina to Middle east and india and pakistan and south america
This is Lucy.from SDI Logistics co
We can provide you very good ocean freight and air freight.
Please check our ocean freight as below:

 European basic port                      South America                                              


HAMBURG            505/20GP 1100/40HQ           SANTOS                  1775/20GP  1775/40HQ 

ROTTERDAM        505/20GP 1100/40HQ           ASUNCION              3575/20GP  4500/40HQ 

ANTWERP             505/20GP 1100/40HQ           MEXICO CITY          1500/20GP  1500/40HQ 

FELIXSTOWE         550/20GP 1300/40HQ           KINGSTON              1500/20GP  1500/40HQ 



 Red Sea                                       Africa                                                            


JEDDAH            350/20GP   350/40HQ          DURBAN                875/20GP  1800/40HQ 

SOKHNA           400/20GP   500/40HQ         MOMBASA             600/20GP  1000/40HQ 



 Middle east/India and Pakistan              Mediterranean Sea                                       


DUBAI              225/20GP  275/40HQ                      BARCELONA             600/20GP 1100/40HQ 

RIYADH            500/20GP  700/40HQ                     GENOVA                    600/20GP 1100/40HQ 

BANDAR ABBAS       375/20GP  600/40HQ           KOPER                       650/20GP 1200/40HQ 

DOHA               400/20GP  600/40HQ                     ALEXANDRIA            800/20GP 1325/40HQ 

NHAVA SHEVA        200/20GP  200/40HQ            NOVOROSSIYSK         800/20GP 1300/40HQ 

CHENNAI               200/20GP  200/40HQ               POTI                            925/20GP 1600/40HQ 

KARACHI               250/20GP  250/40HQ   

CHITTAGONG       800/20GP  1000/40HQ   

Hope we can start work together in the coming future,we will give you our best service.
If you need any inquiry,please don't hesitate to contact us.
Thanks very much.
Waiting for your reply!
Best regards